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mapping your road to financial freedom

Balance your accounts, track your money and project your financial future.

YouDaPig! is the home of Goal Oriented Financial Planning built for people who want financial freedom...not accounting mumbo jumbo. Built for YOU, so now you can quit searching because you've finally found a program that tracks your money, balances your accounts and projects your finances the way you organize your life. Day by day, using a calendar.

Easy To Understand

An intuitive calendar based interface eliminates the need for cute, colorful charts and graphs...that really don't tell you anything about next month.

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Project Your Financial Picture Into The Future

Almost any program or website can give you a snapshot of your financial picture right now.

YouDaPig! gives you an accurate prediction of your financial picture next month, year or even 5 years from now. With YouDaPig! you'll immediately see what a new couch does to the summer vacation next year, or if you can afford the tricked out F-150 and still buy groceries.

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Super Secure Quick Sign Up

The only personal information we need is your name, email address and a password you pick.

Talk security all you want, but if the information isn't there...nobody can steal it!

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Customize Your Categories

Categories make it easier keep track of your money by lumping like things such as transportation, groceries or utilities together, helping you gain a better insight into your spending habits.

You'll find plenty of pre-loaded categories. Use only the ones you need or create your own.

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Set Your Financial Goals

You'll set your goals without even knowing you've done it.

Most of us have heard "...it's tough to remember your goal is to drain the swamp when you're up to your ears in alligators."

Change that slightly to "...it's tough to think about retirement when you're up to your ears in debt, barely paying today's bills."

If that's you...we'll help you set short term goals that will get your immediate problems under control, then help you plan your future.

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Plenty of Features

If you need a feature it's probably there, just waiting to help you navigate your financial jungle, the best thing to do is just jump in a try it.

Don't budget?

Even if you "don't budget" because your finances are never the same...this is for you. Since it's organized the way you spend, just follow YouDaPig's lead and you'll learn more about your financial situation that you've ever known.

Basic Service Is Free

Projecting your finances out 3 months is totally free. Register before we're out of beta testing and you can project out 2 years and you'll never be charged.

Try it without registering

You can try it now without even registering, just click on the calendar and start adding your stuff. REMEMBER: If you're not registered your entries are NOT SAVED!